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March Snows

We had two significant snows in March.  The first was early in the month.



Generally, it just makes things very difficult. This one melted off quite quickly.

The second snow was late in the month.

This one was heavier, and it did melt off, but not for several days.



Some Views of the House


I took a few quick pictures of the more lived in and furnished areas of the house to share.


Notice the invasion of the bunnies in the shelving. 😉


There are two nice little fireplaces in the house on one chimney. This one is the upstairs one.

The Old Hichen Post


Well, the strange spelling of the moniker not withstanding, the Old Hichen Post was a nice little place to eat.  Very much an old-time roadside diner with the atmosphere and the menu you would expect from such a place.  Still, my lunch special was quite tasty and I gobbled up the french fries.


I rather prefer eating at little places like this than at chain restaurants.

Where I’ve Been


Boise, Idaho airport


Salar’s restaurant in Portland, Oregon

I was sick for several days before I left, but  was happily feeling much better by the time I arrived. We mostly puttered around the house and worked on some projects. Now I’m back home and playing catchup.