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Goodbye Christmas (Decorations)


I have been slowly taking down all of my Christmas things. Since I have an artificial tree, it is easy for me to put up the tree right after Thanksgiving, but that means I often leave it up until February. Avi and I decided to send some of my things to Oregon each time we fly and this flight was for some of the Christmas things. So the tree came down, and (most of) the ornaments flew to Oregon last week. It is rather sad now without the lights and the tree in the corner.

I haven’t quite finished cleaning off the mantle, but I have every intention of putting the spring bunnies on the mantle soon. Lots of bunnies shall be on the mantle. lol

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Christmas (Decorations)

  1. String a strand of your white twinkly lights across the mantle or around a large painting on the wall and continue to enjoy their pretty soft -and soothing- glow during these chilly chilly Indiana winter evenings. Besides, Valentine’s Day comes soon! Be festive! 🙂

  2. Or-alternately- ‘host’ a KALBTL (that’s “Knit-a-long-by-Twinkle-Lights) (made you laugh!) 🙂

  3. Kelli-
    I’ve been following your blog through Ravelry for a few years and wondered where you were moving to in Oregon. It’s my home state which made me curious.