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And not the good kind. My dishwasher had a little accident involving a skinny Indian man and a screwdriver and a broken handle. Well, needless to say, I have now ordered a new dishwasher and for the first time in 11 years, I hand washed all of my dishes. This is not to imply that I hand washed my dishes prior to then, only that I did not have to wash my dishes. 😉

Happily, the dishes are all washed and put away and the new dishwasher will be installed on Thursday. I just have to do twenty-cabillion-jillion things before then. sigh

2 thoughts on “Handwashing

  1. So, are you done c/your dishes yet and back to knitting, little bunny girl? 🙂

  2. Yeah, it’s kind of like riding a bike, huh? Wish it weren’t — wish when the dishwasher quit you could just flail around in a panic and call in an expert.