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So Quickly the Month Goes By


I am having trouble contemplating that I am already a month closer to being married.  Odd thoughts cross my mind as I consider the implications of no longer being responsible to just myself.  Not that I have ever drawn back from responsibility.  It is a burden that I bear at all times.  I think we all have different burdens put on us by society and our families.  And now, I am sounding more maudlin than what I really am.  Reflective would be a better word.  I am reflecting on my life.  How I have lived it so far, what it still holds for me.  My reflections do not always happen when I am sorting through my things (though it does happen then).  Sometimes it will catch me at the edge of sleep or in an unguarded moment while I read for class.  I wonder sometimes of how I will move all of the rabbits.  It is this thought that captures my thoughts most often. . .


2 thoughts on “So Quickly the Month Goes By

  1. That’s cause you’re a good rabbit mommy.

  2. Are you sure??? Make sure you are sure. That’s the best thing, always 🙂 You always make wise decisions. Trust yourself! (and smile!) P.S. Happy Abby-Dabby Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!