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Another Sheep Yoke Cardigan


This one is approximately a 9-12 month old sized sweater. I knit it for Avi’s nephew. I guess the little mite is soon to be MY nephew too. Until that point though, I will continue to refer to him as Avi’s nephew. As it is, I started and finished this little sweater over a weekend, then blocked it a few days later. A quick trip to JoAnn’s and I had some serviceable buttons. I like the little dab of blue, don’t you?

For those of you who have been reading my blog since the beginning, you may recognize this sweater and pattern. Yes, I have made it before. This should tell you that I like the pattern, and indeed, I do. When I first purchased the yarn for this pattern, I made sure to buy enough for two sweaters. I’m glad that I liked the pattern the first time though or I would have been stuck with random yarn in the stash.

Now, the yarn. I do not like the yarn. It feels lovely in the ball. It has a nice hand when washed or knit. The problem is that the blasted stuff splits like mad when you are trying to knit it. Honestly, I’m not sure if this is a problem from the yarn or in how the plies are spun.

The Stats:
Pattern: Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan by Jennifer Little
Yarn: Di’Ve Zenith 100 % Merino (happily discontinued)
Needles: US 5 Hiya Hiya Circular Needles and US 5 Clover Bamboo Needles
Mods: Um, well, my gauge was off and as a result I may have knit a larger sweater than intended, I also ran out of green so there is one less row in the yoke than called for, and I double the blue stripe at the bottom, making it four rows and not two.


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