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My Days

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Right now I am out of school. My last day of the current semester was Dec. 7 and I don’t return to class until Jan. 7. This break was terribly needed. The intensity of my online classes cannot be stressed enough. The institution crams 16 week courses into 8 week courses and they are VERY demanding. Sometimes I wonder if it was wise to embark on a second Masters degree at all. . .

Abbie is still being the crazy dog that she is, including breaking the timer for the Christmas tree. I’m not entirely sure how she broke it while it was plugged into the wall, but the evidence was all over the floor. Happily, the gifts are all done and have been wrapped for a week. There are only a few handmade things under the tree this year. Mostly socks for the various people on my “sock” list.

Last night was my first tatting class. Several of my co-workers wanted to learn how to tat and two of them came over for dinner and a tatting lesson last night. I am happy to say that both were successfully making stitches by the time they left. We will get together for another class soon. 🙂

I am also catching up on all of my pleasure reading. Perhaps I will share a few reviews in the future. My current read is “The Twelve Clues of Christmas” by Rhys Bowen. I do so enjoy my light mysteries.

I am also working on a new pattern. I can hear some of you groaning and some of you clapping with glee. If I can manage it, I will try to post some in progress shots. I think this one is turning out nicely. It is intended as one of the free pattern giveaways during the 2013 Indiana Lace Day on April 13, 2013. Just one more reason to come to lace day! 🙂


One thought on “My Days

  1. Clapping with glee here! And our animals managed to render our Christmas tree lights inoperable somehow. Can’t find any chewed wires or anything yet — guess I’ll have to wait ’til the tree comes down.

    Merry Christmas to you, Kelli. You are very special to me.