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More of Oregon and Washington

Our first stop was just before Multonomah falls on the western side. I spotted this small waterfall high up the cliff face and thought it was too pretty not to photograph.

oregon falls 1

It was near Hartman Pond where the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Service grow and stock several types of fish.

oregon hartman pond 1

There was a small pier into the water where people could fish, but it was a little chilly, so no one was fishing.

Avi at hartman pond

Avi at hartman pond 2

There was an adorable bridge and some great old trees near Hartman pond as well. The views were just incredible.

railroad bridge near hartman pond 2

tree near hartman pond

railroad bridge near hartman pond

Finally, we made our way to Hood River City where we had lunch at a small Italian restaurant.

hood river city 1

hood river city 2

More to come. . .


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