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Wondering Why I Blog


I can’t seem to find inspiration to blog right now. I have little to share in crafting, unless I take countless work-in-progress photos. I am not cooking or baking much because I am traveling and working and going to school. By the time I go to the barn at night it is too dark to take cute pictures of the rabbits. Abbie is her usual silly self, but has finally calmed down enough to be a pleasant dog most days. I keep staring at the blog knowing that I should have something to share, but I just don’t take pictures like I should which means I can only share words and we know how repetitious that can be.

In short, I’m just wondering how to find the inspiration to blog regularly again.

6 thoughts on “Wondering Why I Blog

  1. It seems like everyone whose blog I read regularly has been in that same foggy funk for a while now. Let’s hope inspiration begins to shower down on us soon in lots of different ways.

  2. Hi, Kelli 🙂 Don’t sweat it! Here’s Dr.Jayne’s RX: (these are merely suggestions) 1) Have fun revamping your blog-scape, 2) Find a Holiday focus (design some cool meals for stressed knitters!),3) Take up jogging- it will make Blogging seem a breeze!4) take the Sock Hunter on a vacation which requires no map (I’m thinking Schuler’s) Hee hee! 🙂

  3. …..Or it could the the weather. I do see a lot of gaps in “blog-land”, too. Just don’t quit- too many avid readers love your musings.

  4. Once you figure out the secret, let me know. My blog is more lonely than yours is.

  5. Sometimes it’s hard to continually have something to post. I went through a giant funk of not blogging. What’s fun is getting involved with a Weekly Writing Workshop like this one: or do a Wordless Wednesday with just a picture and no words. Hope this helps!!

  6. I think we all go through this and sometimes just need a bit of a break. Posting just a photo can work while you’re refocusing 🙂