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Honey Bunny Mitts

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These mitts came about as the result of two things: 1) I noticed that Julie was cold at the spring Dutch show, and 2) I am a knitter with a penchant for rabbits.

Thus was born: the Honey Bunny Mitts. For you see, Julie’s husband keeps bees and her daughter keeps rabbits. Now I can keep her warm and stylish too!



Charts are my own. Yes, that is a flying Dutch bunny on the mitt. I thought it looked rather dashing, if I do say so myself, and I do.



Some Latvian braids on the cuffs, one batch pointing right and one batch pointing left. A little striping to the thumb. Some creative stranding on the back. Et voila! Honey Bunny Mitts.

Yarn: Cascade Heritage in black and white, some leftovers, but about 25 grams of each
Needles: US 0 Hiya Hiya Steel DPNs
Pattern: all my own, no mods because it is all my own

One thought on “Honey Bunny Mitts

  1. Kelli- my fingers are cold, too! Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I LOVE the design!)
    yours truly, Jayne 🙂