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2012 State Fair Results


I resolved last year to knit what I like and not knit for the categories at the State Fair. This resulted in far fewer entries than I would normally have. Grandma’s death contributed to a lower turnout as well. Still, I ribboned with five out of eight handcrafted projects.  That seems reasonable. 🙂


So, Asterope was 2nd in the lace knitting category, which was perfectly respectable. I’m happy with that.


Cerisara was 2nd in the one color sweater category. Also perfectly acceptable.


My spinning was 4th in the plied category. This was a surprise and a nice one.


My tatting was 4th which was a surprise and also very nice.


The original Ingrid stole (featured in my pattern) received an honorable mention. That was sort of a bonus too.


My handspun handknit socks, Temira socks, and Marelda neckwarmer didn’t place. That’s ok though. I know their value. 🙂

2 thoughts on “2012 State Fair Results

  1. I checked out the entries at the big Puyallup fair in Washington this year. Boy, so much disappointing stuff! The good stuff was REALLY good, but a lot of the other stuff I would have been embarassed to even enter in the fair. So I have resolved that NEXT year will be MINE. I have a couple shawls planned, and I will be entering them in the fair. If I can find a challenging pair of socks to knit, I will enter them, too.