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Sock Hunter Episode 79: Socks of the Corn

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Drought. Everywhere I travel the socks are struggling. Whether in forest or vale, hill or dale, scrim or scree, the socks. They flee. Oh, I’m feeling a bit poetic today. Poetic about the struggle of socks everywhere. Even the most hard core of sock hunters has been forced to search far from home.

My travels sent me into small hamlets and large city centers. I tried the nearest State recreation areas and tiny parks tucked in between soaring buildings. Finally, in desperation, I turned to the fields near a small town named Sockville. It was there that the drought seemed a little further away. The grass, though brown, waved many seedheads toward the sky. The corn was tall, or tall enough, and the ears were large. So much larger than many in this drought starved area. I hoped.

And there, there amongst the ears of corn sat a lovely pair of *Seed Socks. Improperly named, the Seed Socks do not eat seeds, but the insects that feed on seeds. It comes as no surprise then to find Seed Socks perched among the corn, eating the nasty little corn borers that feed on the grains. These socks were not as sleek as socks I had seen in previous years, but they seemed to be doing well enough.


Luckily they allowed me a few pictures before hopping to the next plant to browse for a snack among the leaves.



The deep blue of these socks allows them to blend more easily with the shadows under the leaves, pouncing on the larvae and moths of the corn borer.  They are loved by farmers and gardeners alike as a predator to some irritating pests.  It was with great pleasure that I snapped my photographs.  Until next time, this is your Sock Hunter, signing off.

* My own pattern, seed stitch (aka moss stitch to some of you) plugged into my standard top down, slipped stitch heel flap, square toe pattern, handspun 2-ply yarn spun from Strings and Yarn fiber called “Rhapsody in Blue,” US 2 Hiya Hiya Steel DPNs


One thought on “Sock Hunter Episode 79: Socks of the Corn

  1. So cool! I have some yellow yarn that would look very corn-y socked up like that!