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Next April. my Lafayette Lacemakers group will be hosting Indiana Lace Day again.  As part of the event, we give away some small favor.  Right now we are kicking around the idea of giving away lace patterns.  I might have offered this idea up for consideration.  I also might have offered to create some small lace knitting pattern.

The question is, what should I create?  A small scarf?  Mitts?  Ideally, the pattern needs to fit on 1 8.5 x 11 page (double sided).  So, it must be simple, but appealing.  Any thoughts on this?  If you had the option of receiving a small free pattern at Lace Day, what small item would like to knit?

2 thoughts on “Contemplations

  1. I think a small scarf or mitts would be nice. Maybe even a doily?

  2. What about a doily pattern that could be sized up just by switching yarn to make a pretty shawl? The original could be knit with crochet cotton but different weights would produce larger and larger shawls? The instructions should stay the same but the results would be very different.