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The Heat is AWFUL


I’ve been through some hot summers. The rabbits have dealt with some hot summers. It has been hit or miss a few times, but I haven’t lost a rabbit due to heat stress in 19 years, until last night. One little two-week old baby and a bred doe died. She was in my last group of pregnant animals for the season. Usually I can squeak out one last litter before June 30 and everything is fine. Sadly, not this year. I’m not even sure what more to do for the poor darlings. I’ve moved part of the does into the house, but am contemplating moving the rest of the bred does in. Once they kindle they will be able to regulate their body heat and be fine, but right now they are extra toasty.

And the poor little two week old babies all had their nesting boxes removed. The one that died had buried itself in the box and overheated, so all of the little ones have to sit on the wire. I don’t want a repeat of what happened last night. If they are too stressed, they will just have to come in too.  The vagaries of animal care.


2 thoughts on “The Heat is AWFUL

  1. This is so sad! Are you alright?

  2. Awww. That’s sad. I feel for the little buggers. I hate this heat too.