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Rant Ahead

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I am entering the Indiana State Fair today.  Online.  I am going about my business, choosing categories, when I notice something seems different.  More than different.  Something is missing.

I have entered the Child’s 2-Color Sweater category in the past. In fact, I think I have entered it at least twice in the last 7 years. It was nice because in the adult categories, they pull 2-color into its own category too. Where did this category go?  What made the ISF think that it was not worthy of being a category anymore?

And, another category that is no longer there: Infant’s Sweater.  This was great, because again, I entered it several times.  I gave away the little sweaters and there were happy moms and babies everywhere.

Do you know what they left in?  Infant set of: sacque, cap or hood, &/ or bottles or shoes.  WTF?  I don’t even know what this is supposed to be.  I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t highly entered during the time I have been exhibiting.

Oh, Oh.  And the other categories you can enter in Infant’s Knitting? Afghan (which is fine, completely fine) or Dress/Romper Suit.  Also, WTF!!!  A Dress or Romper Suit?  What are we living in, 1963?  Who the fuck knits a dress or ROMPER SUIT for their infant anymore?

And you know what they added as a category?  Machine knitting.  Yeah.  Machine knitted garmet or any other article.  There are so few good categories in knitting, and they ripped away two of them to replace them with machine knitting.  Look, it takes me hours (many pleasurable hours) to knit my pieces.  I get those of you who like to play with machine knitting.  It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s functional!  All I’m asking is that they restore the sweater categories and be rid of one of the other STUPID categories that few people enter.

I even checked the Ravelry patterns: 7,240 child’s sweater patterns, 1, 717 baby sweater patterns, 857 child’s dress patterns (ok, we could bump that to 983 if we add in the baby dress patterns too, but seriously, sexist much?) 22 romper suits.  Hmmmm.  Let’s do the math.  Which is more popular: child’s sweater patterns or girls knitted dress patterns?  Oh, wait.  There is NO CONTEST.

This just might be the last straw.  I’m not sure that I can keep entering the INDIANA STATE FAIR when they take away great categories, leave in low entry categories, and hire judges who can’t see good knitting when it bites them in the ASS.   Yes, I did rant about the judging last year.  Link here.


One thought on “Rant Ahead

  1. I noticed the deletion of the ‘child’s 2 color sweater’ category too, and was ticked since last year the item that I entered in that category (and planned to re-enter this year) was unfairly disqualified because the judge thought it was machine knit. It’s a little joke now with the other ladies I knit with, but I’m annoyed that the category I wanted to re-enter it in doesn’t even exist now.

    I tried to voice my concerns last year, sending an email to the fair. I was told my email was forwarded to the director of Home and Family Arts, but I never heard anything from them. I plan sending another email to voice my frustration about last year, and to make sure that I won’t have items unfairly disqualified this year.

    There was some frustration voiced by other knitters on Ravelry too. ( This is the last chance for the state fair to get its crap together. If this happens again this year I won’t be paying the $30 entry fee in 2013.