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Fall Down, Go Boom

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Sometimes the best of intentions are met with the worst possible temptations. In my case it was some Briar Rose Fibers yarn. I went to Greencastle, IN to the Fiber Event knowing that I wanted a little bit of Briar Rose. Her yarns are one of the main reasons I go to the Fiber Event. I just love her stuff. I could sleep on a bed of Briar Rose and be happy all my days.


In any case, I did go. I did see. I did fall down before the beauty of so many skeins and purchase entirely too much (this was before all of the expensive things happened). It was glorious and shameful at the same time, as so many of life’s little pleasures are.


Still, I do love my happy new yarn. I’m just not sure what it wants to be yet. Though that Sea Pearl may become a glorious shawl.


(And, yes, I did buy 1000 yards of Glory Days in 2 different colors. No, I don’t know what to do with it. I’ll think of something.)

One thought on “Fall Down, Go Boom

  1. Well really, what sane person wouldn’t buy two batches of BFL yarn as pretty as that is? Totally understandable.