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Dutch Hat (A Remiss FO)

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I finished this hat a month ago, just before heading to that big rabbit show with my mom.  It is a beautiful double knit hat with a Dutch rabbit on it.  This is the breed of rabbit that I raise and I had been dreaming of making a hat to match the scarf.  It was a lovely little hat, simple enough (in stockinette) for me to feel pleased knitting it.  I also managed to work knit 1, purl 1 ribbing in double knitting.  You may recall my short post about that earlier this year.  I’m still very pleased with that point.


I also reversed my work after a certain point so that the knits would lie nicely in the purl ribs and vice versa when the brim was turned up.  Also fairly pleased with that bit of intuition.  The rabbit isn’t quite as cute as I thought it would be, though I used the same chart as for the scarf.  Still, I am pleased with the overall construction.  This will be a gift to match the scarf at some point when I deem the recipient worthy again (or when he finally shows up at a show).  I’m not sure why he thought it necessary to have a wool hat and scarf in CA though. . .

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Sock in Black and White, 437 yards, though I used about half of each so there is the potential for some Dutch fingerless mitts 🙂
Needle: US 1 Hiya Hiya Circular (magic looped)
Pattern: My own 🙂


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