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All I Can Manage

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Right now I am a bit busy with the job, the rabbits, the garden, and classes. It doesn’t leave much time for knitting and honestly, I’m feeling a bit “meh” about knitting right now too. Oh, I still enjoy the process, and I love complex finished objects, but taking the necessary time to set them up? Not so much. So, I’ve turned to simpler projects for the time being. I will return to my lovely lace at some point.

That being said, there is something imminently satisfying about churning out these little tufts of color.


Yes, what you see below is the total of my knitting for the last few weeks. Some bright little washcloths. My standard pattern right now is cast on 25 stitches, knit every row until it looks square-ish, bind off. I can squeeze almost 4 washcloths from  a ball of yarn.  I’m supplementing with some coned orange and white variegated yarn to finish the last one.  It just gives them visual interest.  🙂

They do brighten up my day considerably. Plus they are easy to pick-up, put-down, and return to when ready. I pop off a few rows each night while I talk to Avi. Those rows add up to squares o’ fun pretty quickly. And no, I have no intention for these washcloths. I suppose I will distribute them amongst the sinks in my house at some point. Or give them as gifts. I may have had a little fall-down in the dishcloth yarn area. ahem


One thought on “All I Can Manage

  1. Nothing wrong with quick and colorful. They’re fun!