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Gratuitous Bunny Shot


Tortoise Dutch approx. 22 days old.  So cute.


Herb Garden

Whilst I was planning my vegetable garden, I also had hopes to put in a small herb garden.  I did plant cilantro, parsley, and basil in the veggie garden, but that just wasn’t going to be enough herbs for me.



First, I had to think about where to put my herbs.  I don’t have many places that are appropriate.  Next to the rabbit barn seemed like a good spot though.  The southwest corner was begging to be planted.  First, though, I had to put some mulch around the comfrey plants.  Not only are the comfrey pretty, they are a good plant to have around for rabbit stomach ailments.  So, the comfrey now have a nice bed of mulch around them.


Next I had to plan which herbs would go over here.  I chose lavender, oregano, thyme, and rosemary.  I had some seeds from last year too, so I planted celosia (cockscomb) in between the larger plants.  Then I decided to toss some carrot seeds in the front.  I like to make the rabbits dance.  How can you make a rabbit dance, you ask?  Wave some carrot leaves in the air.  So the carrots are just to tease the rabbits.


Still, I think the area is coming together nicely. 🙂


Veggie Garden Week 2

Yes, it has been two weeks since the garden was planted.  Or nearly.  I thought it was time to share what progress it has made.

The blue arrow is pointing to the onions (there is a second half row of those behind the eggplant).  The black arrow is the eggplant.  The red arrow is one of the squash plants. There are two zucchini and two yellow squash.  The orange arrow is pointing to one of the pepper plants.  The green arrow is for the lettuce which is planted between the tomatoes (pink arrow).  The cucumber is marked by the purple arrow.

Garden Edited

So, which plants are not marked?  The peas, cilantro, parsley, and basil.  They are still too small to really show up.  Oh, and the corner that is purely mint.  I think that speaks for itself.


I did take a close up of the sugar snap pea plants.  They are so cute.  A little fringey and feathery.

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Let’s Talk About

Money.  As in: being pitifully poor because your car decided to roll over and wave a wheel in the air honking “ouchie.”  I think that’s what the Bunny Mobile did last month.  The hubs came loose, the oxygen sensor died, the brakes needed work.   It all added up to dust flying from my wallet and pebbles falling onto the counter when they asked me to pay.  Credit cards may be evil, but I am ever so thankful that I have them for times like this (and mothers who still help you out when you are poor).  You’d never know the old Bunny Mobile had 130,000 miles on her.  She has such gumption, such get-up-and-go, but alas, there are times when the knees have to be replaced and orthopedic shoes purchased to keep her going.

Which would have been fine and dandy had my crown not chipped at the same time.  No dental insurance means that my tooth replacement (because, really that’s what you have to do when your crown chips) was very pricey as well.  It made ME want to roll over and wave a hand in the air yelling “ouchie.”  So, with no dust or even pebbles with which to pay for my new tooth, I whipped out the trusty card again.  Avi was kind enough to chip in to help with this expense, so at least it wasn’t as painful as it might have been. Sigh.

No more expensive replacements for a while, please.

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Fall Down, Go Boom

Sometimes the best of intentions are met with the worst possible temptations. In my case it was some Briar Rose Fibers yarn. I went to Greencastle, IN to the Fiber Event knowing that I wanted a little bit of Briar Rose. Her yarns are one of the main reasons I go to the Fiber Event. I just love her stuff. I could sleep on a bed of Briar Rose and be happy all my days.


In any case, I did go. I did see. I did fall down before the beauty of so many skeins and purchase entirely too much (this was before all of the expensive things happened). It was glorious and shameful at the same time, as so many of life’s little pleasures are.


Still, I do love my happy new yarn. I’m just not sure what it wants to be yet. Though that Sea Pearl may become a glorious shawl.


(And, yes, I did buy 1000 yards of Glory Days in 2 different colors. No, I don’t know what to do with it. I’ll think of something.)