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Seem to have become a necessity around here.  Abbie loved her blankies when she was a pup, but soon grew into the habit of tearing them into pieces.  This resulted in the destruction of several very nice blankies and the littering of my floor with threads, bits, and bobs of blanket debris.  It also meant that she was no longer allowed to have a blankie.


After several months had passed I decided to try giving her a blanket again.  Maybe she would be less enthusiastic about tearing one apart and more interested in scrunching it up to sleep on.  I was partially correct.


She still attempted to tear this blanket into little pieces at first, but some gentle reminders soon set her on the path to happy blankie-hood.  Now she drags it around, munches treats on it, scrunches it up to sleep on it, takes her toys and plays on top of it, chews her bones on top of it, in essence it has become her “Blankie” as much as any child’s.  Sometimes I still catch her sucking on the corner and trying to chew on it though.  sigh


One thought on “Blankies

  1. When we adopted Finn, he came with his own blankie. He falls asleep while chewing on it.