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What Day Is It?

My Christmas Cactus seems to have forgotten what day it is.  Or even which season it is.  I bought this cute little plant in December thinking it would have pretty white blooms to cheer up my house (and it would look nice while Avi’s parents were here).  I was ever so wrong.  The damn plant dropped every bud minus one.  That one lone bloom lasted as long as it could, but I was soon reduced to nothing but a green plant.

Resigning myself to the fate of those dropped buds, I put on my patient socks and watered the plant as it needed.  I was sure that it would bloom again, but not until next Christmas.  Imagine my surprise then, when I was turned the plant and discovered a tiny flower bud.   Now, the sister plant is adding leaves like crazy.  I think it might double in size by next Christmas, but this one decided put its energy into another bud.  With anticipation I waited for the bud to grow, and grow, and grow, and grow.  Finally, when I thought I should be able to stand it no longer (my patient socks seemed to have stopped working by then), the bud started to unfurl one petal at a time.


So, I decided it was time to show you the pretty flower at the peak of its bloom.  It is very lovely to look at, and it brings me hope that the other one might decide to bloom again.  If I can just convince it to stop producing so many new leaves!


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