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Renaissance Fair 2012

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We also went to the renaissance fair near Phoenix. It was an interesting mix of true demonstrators, crazy shows, and wildly unrealistic shoppes and costumes.


I’m not sure if this little village exists year round, but it was nicely laid out, with plenty to see, much to do, and many ways to lose your money.


Luckily, I am much more hesitant to waste money on such frivolity than I was when younger. So, much our time was spent enjoying the shows and craftspeople.


We wandered mightily for quite some time before stumbling upon my favorite part of the day.


This lovely woman was playing the Celtic Harp. We listened to her play several songs before finally moving on. There is nice video of her playing the harp on the link to her website. I would that I could play as she does. Lovely, lovely.


We also enjoyed a few more “foolish” performances as we strolled about. Good thing the hapless gentleman in the middle didn’t move too much. Those things were spiky!


We caught a bit of jousting as well. Quite the spectacle of course. Then it was time to be off on our next adventure.


One thought on “Renaissance Fair 2012

  1. The wood on that harp is beautiful! I envy the woman who can play it, AND the craftsman who made it.