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Pima Air and Space Museum


For you flight aficionados, we also visited the Pima Air and Space Museum.


I can’t say it was the most interesting place I have been, mostly because air planes don’t interest me as much as say a Spinning Wheel Museum might.


Avi really liked it though.


At least for the first thirty minutes. Then his adult A. D. D. started to kick in and he started wandering around like a chipmunk drunk on fermented acorns.


Ok, that was a little excessive. Maybe it was more like a chipmunk hopped up on crack.


Hmmm, still a little nondescript. Let’s put it this way, Avi can become bored easily and try to amuse himself by walking quickly from exhibit to exhibit. I sort of kept up. Lucky for me that the museum closed at 5. We made it to the yarn shop with minutes to spare where I found exactly what I did need and bought what I didn’t, but that is a story for another day.