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Biosphere 2

While in Arizona last month, we decided to take a trip to Tucson. (Does anyone else want to say this as Tuck-son?) On our way there we stopped at Biosphere 2.


Biosphere 2 is an intriguing place. It was originally built as a closed ecosystem to see if it was possible to sustain life for 2 years in a closed environment.


After the completion of the first few years of experiments it became too costly to continue as a closed system, so the biosphere was opened to the public and the outside world again.


The result is an interesting mix of science and life.


The biosphere contains small ecosystems that mimic tropical rainforest, tropical savannah, the ocean, and the desert.


There are ongoing studies into the changes created by global warming, as well as plant, insect, and animal experiments.


It was a neat experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering a trip.


I will warn you though, if you get this guy (his name is Jake) as a guide, he is a prodigious speaker. Our 75 minute tour was a 115 minute tour. Yes, prodigious.