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Sometimes she just sits there, swaying, hugging her bunny.

It happens more than she thinks it does.



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The Cascade Caper: Or The Case of The Yarn That Wasn’t

This is where our tale becomes a bit murky. It was a dark and stormy night bright and beautiful day when the hapless knitter stumbled into the yarn shop.  With only minutes until the close of business, our determined knitter made straight for the sock yarn section, desperately seeking the Cascade Heritage in an attempt to knit an overlarge hat for a friend with an overlarge head.

It was with trepidation that the knitter cast her gaze upon mountains of sock yarn, searching fervently for the right brand.  With some triumph the knitter spied the desired yarn, and yes! There! Just the colors that she needed.  With a lurch, she grasped the needed skeins and hurried to the register.

Alas, the fates were waiting for just such an opportunity and whispering in her ear, they convinced the poor knitter to turn her gaze in another direction.  “The Heritage 150 is so much nicer,” they whispered, “Surely you need more yarn than that little skein of Heritage will give you.  Just look at the Heritage 150 for a while.”

Obeying the strange whisper, the knitter stroked the lovely skeins of Cascade Heritage 150 and with a sigh exchanged her Heritage for the Heritage 150.  Quickly, the proprietress rang up the young knitter’s purchase and with nary a backward glance the knitter was out the door.  Comfortably settled in her coach and four, the knitter began to feel a small sprouting of doubt in her mind.

With a quick glance into her project book, she consulted her last project for her friend and found that indeed, she had used Cascade Heritage NOT Cascade Heritage 150 to complete the overlarge scarf for her friend with the overlarge head.  Horror assailed the knitter at her mistake.  What to do? What to do!?

Returning the yarn was not an option.  She was already miles from the store and it was closed.  She might never see this store again in her travels.  The knitter wept bitter tears of knitterly defeat.  Until, that is, she remembered another yarn store.  One within range of her current course, where perhaps, just perhaps, a few small skeins of Cascade Heritage awaited.

A night of tormented angst where dust bunnies and wool moths chased our poor knitter through narrow and winding ribbing resulted in a rather feverish state when the knitter gazed forlornly into the new shop.  A stuttering tread lead her into the deepest, darkest recesses of the store.  Casting her gaze upon the rows of neatly shelved yarns, seeking just one glimpse of the yarn she sought, she despaired again of finding her yarn.

But there. . . could that be? it looks a bit like Cascade Heritage!!  Excitedly, the knitter yanked her new found skeins to her bosom, toting the yarn from it’s brightly lit corner to an adorable cash register.

Her purchase made, the knitter left the yarn store whistling a happy little tune, until she realized that her generosity would mean knitting an overlarge hat for a friend with an overlarge head on extraordinarily tiny needles and with a very high stitch count.  The knitter’s smile drooped a bit on the way home.

The End

The moral of the story: Never be seduced by skeins with more yardage.  Always write down the name of the yarn you need and reference it whenever necessary.

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Renaissance Fair 2012

We also went to the renaissance fair near Phoenix. It was an interesting mix of true demonstrators, crazy shows, and wildly unrealistic shoppes and costumes.


I’m not sure if this little village exists year round, but it was nicely laid out, with plenty to see, much to do, and many ways to lose your money.


Luckily, I am much more hesitant to waste money on such frivolity than I was when younger. So, much our time was spent enjoying the shows and craftspeople.


We wandered mightily for quite some time before stumbling upon my favorite part of the day.


This lovely woman was playing the Celtic Harp. We listened to her play several songs before finally moving on. There is nice video of her playing the harp on the link to her website. I would that I could play as she does. Lovely, lovely.


We also enjoyed a few more “foolish” performances as we strolled about. Good thing the hapless gentleman in the middle didn’t move too much. Those things were spiky!


We caught a bit of jousting as well. Quite the spectacle of course. Then it was time to be off on our next adventure.

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Pima Air and Space Museum


For you flight aficionados, we also visited the Pima Air and Space Museum.


I can’t say it was the most interesting place I have been, mostly because air planes don’t interest me as much as say a Spinning Wheel Museum might.


Avi really liked it though.


At least for the first thirty minutes. Then his adult A. D. D. started to kick in and he started wandering around like a chipmunk drunk on fermented acorns.


Ok, that was a little excessive. Maybe it was more like a chipmunk hopped up on crack.


Hmmm, still a little nondescript. Let’s put it this way, Avi can become bored easily and try to amuse himself by walking quickly from exhibit to exhibit. I sort of kept up. Lucky for me that the museum closed at 5. We made it to the yarn shop with minutes to spare where I found exactly what I did need and bought what I didn’t, but that is a story for another day.

Biosphere 2

While in Arizona last month, we decided to take a trip to Tucson. (Does anyone else want to say this as Tuck-son?) On our way there we stopped at Biosphere 2.


Biosphere 2 is an intriguing place. It was originally built as a closed ecosystem to see if it was possible to sustain life for 2 years in a closed environment.


After the completion of the first few years of experiments it became too costly to continue as a closed system, so the biosphere was opened to the public and the outside world again.


The result is an interesting mix of science and life.


The biosphere contains small ecosystems that mimic tropical rainforest, tropical savannah, the ocean, and the desert.


There are ongoing studies into the changes created by global warming, as well as plant, insect, and animal experiments.


It was a neat experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering a trip.


I will warn you though, if you get this guy (his name is Jake) as a guide, he is a prodigious speaker. Our 75 minute tour was a 115 minute tour. Yes, prodigious.



We have had some strange weather in Indiana. An unusually mild winter, coupled with the normal precipitation, which resulted in the creation of some beautiful and creepy mornings. I tried to capture the ethereal effects for you, but I’m not sure I managed it.




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Knitting Along

My hat grows.  I have successfully completed 2 inches of 1 x 1 ribbing, swapped colors, swapped stitches, and am another 1 inch into the hat.  This pleases me greatly.  Yes, I am still feeling smug.  Remind me of this when I am cursing the hat and my idiotic idea that a man’s hat was a good idea on US 1’s with 7.25 stitches to the inch.