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Sock Hunter Episode 78: Plucking Cherries

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When searching for the perfect sock, your hunt may take you into places and wilds you have never known.  My travels have taken me to far climes, weather extremes, and cultural haunts.  I have crawled through muck, mud, grass, greens, leaves, bugs, and more, ever searching for socks.

Some of my travels have brought me home.  The fields and fallows of my home area are rife with the burgeoning sock life only a seasonal climate may have.  Sometimes the best place to look is never far from where you are.  My latest sojourn into sock hunting took me to a small reserved area.  One of those lovely haunts of wild things that our forefathers had the insight to set aside from development.

In exploring the small nature reserve, I found a pair of perfect *Wild Cherry Socks.  The Wild Cherry Socks are elusive, difficult to find, and temperamental in their habits.  Luckily, I was able to snap my picture before the socks expressed their great displeasure at being disturbed.


The arch, the flow, the sway of these socks is so delightful to the eye.  I know these will become a favorite shot of mine in years to come.


I must be off, ever in the pursuit of more socks.  Until next time, this is your Sock Hunter, signing off.

* Clandestine Socks by Cookie A, The Knittery 4-Ply Merino in Cherries, US 0 Hiya Hiya Steel DPNs


One thought on “Sock Hunter Episode 78: Plucking Cherries

  1. Those ARE really lovely.