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Flower of Envy Fingerless Gloves

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Some time ago I joined the Seven Deadly Sins Knitting Club.  I was a bit disappointed in the overall pairing of yarns and patterns.  A Chullo style hat is just NOT my thing, people.  I don’t know many people who wear one either.  Anyway, in my quest to knit from the stash and use yarn, I stumbled upon the little Flower of Envy Gloves kit.  It was cute enough, the yarn was nice, the beads were with it.  So, I cast on and worked away on the kit.  Once I finished it, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the pattern, however, it will make a nice little gift for someone this year.  So it is going in the “gifting” basket.

Pattern: Flower of Envy Gloves
Yarn: The Unique Sheep House Blend
Needle: US 4 Hiya Hiya DPNs
Modifications: none

One thought on “Flower of Envy Fingerless Gloves

  1. The yarn looks very nice.