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For Leap Day, I Present theTemira Socks


For leap day I decided to release my latest pattern: the Temira Socks.

The Temira Socks are a bit of fun and sass. The pattern of open lacework mimcs a cable. Carried down the top of the foot, the pattern is delicate enough for dress socks, but rogue enough for every day. This pattern lends itself well to lightly variegated yarns, semi-solids, and solids.

Boldly variegated yarns may not work as well with the lace pattern. This pattern is meant for an adventurous novice
knitter. Please read the entire pattern before beginning.


Yarn: 1 Skein Fleece Artist Merino 2/6, 355 yards, 100% Merino Wool, color “Nova Scotia”

Needle: US 0 (2.0 mm) Hiya Hiya Steel Double Pointed Needles (DPNs) or needles to obtain gauge

Gauge: 7.619 stitches per inch (spi) and 10 rows per inch (rpi) OR 30.5 stitches & 40 rows to 4 inches/10 cm in stockinette

Size: To fit a US women’s 9 shoe, approx. 8.25” circumference and 9” foot

To alter the size: Add or subtract repeats of the pattern repeat OR adjust your gauge to increase or decrease the circumference of the foot as needed. Please note that this pattern is somewhat stretchy due to the lace patterning.

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Sock Hunter Episode 78: Plucking Cherries

When searching for the perfect sock, your hunt may take you into places and wilds you have never known.  My travels have taken me to far climes, weather extremes, and cultural haunts.  I have crawled through muck, mud, grass, greens, leaves, bugs, and more, ever searching for socks.

Some of my travels have brought me home.  The fields and fallows of my home area are rife with the burgeoning sock life only a seasonal climate may have.  Sometimes the best place to look is never far from where you are.  My latest sojourn into sock hunting took me to a small reserved area.  One of those lovely haunts of wild things that our forefathers had the insight to set aside from development.

In exploring the small nature reserve, I found a pair of perfect *Wild Cherry Socks.  The Wild Cherry Socks are elusive, difficult to find, and temperamental in their habits.  Luckily, I was able to snap my picture before the socks expressed their great displeasure at being disturbed.


The arch, the flow, the sway of these socks is so delightful to the eye.  I know these will become a favorite shot of mine in years to come.


I must be off, ever in the pursuit of more socks.  Until next time, this is your Sock Hunter, signing off.

* Clandestine Socks by Cookie A, The Knittery 4-Ply Merino in Cherries, US 0 Hiya Hiya Steel DPNs

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One More Thing


I sort of bought this too. This is the Namaste Monroe in Peacock. It’s beautiful.

I had hoped it would be big enough for my laptop, and my knitting, and my purse, and well, everything else I like to carry when I go to Arizona to visit the boy. It isn’t quite as big as I was hoping for, though. I do love the bag, it just won’t carry my laptop. This is not a huge problem for me. I have a tablet. I just like to be able to type instead of pecking at my screen like a chicken scratching for cracked corn.

I wonder how many people will find their way to my blog looking for chickens or cracked corn. . .


I may not have mentioned it before, but my family raises sheep.  Not the woolly kind that makes pretty fleeces, the meaty kind that makes wool unsuitable for anything but mulch or carpet.  This stuff is not pretty.  It is not soft.

It is, however, very cute on tiny sheep.  So, for further distraction, I give you sheep. (Dorsets to be exact.)





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Canyon Lake

We took a drive after Apacheland Days to Canyon Lake.  We’ve been there before, but this time there were ducks. Or something. I have searched and searched trying to identify the waterfowl that captivated me for twenty minutes. If any of you can identify this bird, I will owe you one.











Goodbye, Regina

I learned today that friend and fellow tatter, blogger, and knitter, Regina died.  She was a member of our local lace group and the one who originally invited me to join.  Her tatting was always inspirational to me, though I never aspired to understand the intricacies of the art as she did.  Regina had fought with cancer this last year and I know she was struggling with good and bad days.  In the end, it was a simple infection that brought her down.  I will miss her and her generosity at each meeting to come.

How I Love My Books


When I realized that a new book had been published in the same vein as Haapsalu Saal, I knew it needed to be mine. Luckily, I had a little money saved up in my PayPal account, just waiting for the right inspiration.  I was so excited to open the package (and it was beautifully packaged).  I ordered Haapsalu Ratt from Dublin Bay Knitting Co. in Oregon, a pretty shop that I visited last July.

The pictures are gorgeous.  The patterns are fantastic.  There are more nupp patterns and less lace than I would like, but the overall book is lovely and it gave me some great ideas for a baby blanket.  Whether I will ever knit it is another matter. . .

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Apacheland Days

While I was out visiting Avi last month, we went to Apacheland Days.  This 3-day event is held at the Superstition Mountain Museum.  It is a tiny place and it fills to the brim with visitors during this event.  We could barely find parking, even late in the day.


The museum has some really neat equipment.  Much of it is rare and related to mining.  I can’t remember what this thing does, but it is really neat.



Arizona is more green than I thought it would be in January.  The days are more pleasant too.  Not the armpit of the sun, like most of the year.





Look!  Even the ocotillo is green!




This chapel was the one that appeared in the movie Charro.  Charro was the movie that Elvis Presley starred in.

It was a lovely day.