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Still Here.

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Just busy.  Working on patterns.  Classes have started, so that takes time too.  On a good note, I will be starting a new job.  Still part time, but better hours, better pay, closer to home, and a better environment.  I finished a pair of socks.  Not sure when the Sock Hunter will appear on the blog.  Oh, and Aly?  Remember those gloves you liked so much?  How you mentioned that you would be happy to test knit some mitts?  Yeah.  Calling you out on that soon.  I have the pattern mostly written, just haven’t knit a sample yet.  So, there will likely be some mitts on the blog at some point.

Did I mention it was snowing too?  I should.  It’s the first snow of 2012.  Abbie had a nice “bunny hop” and “butt scoot” through the snow this afternoon. She’s weird.


One thought on “Still Here.

  1. I love how any comment you make about Abbie is always followed by a “She’s weird.”

    Did you find enough test knitters? So sorry I can’t help.