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Weirdest Dog Ever



She insisted that the used lemon was a tasty treat last night.  I decided to teach her a lesson and gave her the remains of half a lemon.  First she tasted it.  Then she barked at it.  This little dance was repeated several times throughout the night.  This morning she gnawed on it a little more, barked at it a little more, then learned how to lick the fruit out of the pith shell.


Weirdest dog ever.

3 thoughts on “Weirdest Dog Ever

  1. Ah, but she has fresh breath!

  2. That is hysterically awesome.

  3. cute, but watch all that acid on the enamel! I have dogs that love, just LURVE carrots — in fact, that’s the magic word to get Ms. Monster in when she’s barking in protection of the entire neighborhood!