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Knitting is Relaxing And Other Myths


I’m sitting in Panera right now, huddled unceremoniously beneath an overactive air vent, wondering why I ever thought knitting was relaxing. If anything, I find myself bunching my shoulders more when knitting. Starting at the unruly yarn. Gnashing my teeth at the poorly copied pattern. Contemplating just leaving the soft, beautiful, deranged project at my table and never coming back.

I know that at some point I will once again fall in love with this project. The Sock Hunter will roam once again. Right now though, I feel like stabbing someone with my sharp pointy needles. I know this is directly influenced by my current job, the forced gaiety of the season, and the impending disaster of Avi’s parents seeing my house. Still, maybe I need to leave the needles at home next time. . .

4 thoughts on “Knitting is Relaxing And Other Myths

  1. Take two cinnamon crunch bagels and call me in the morning ;-). Don’t worry all this malarky will soon be in the past!

  2. Hang in there. Sometimes it IS a good idea to just walk away.

  3. Remember, knitting is your FRIEND. And as far as meeting Avi’s parents go……..just BREATHE!!!

  4. Any needlecraft I try to do with a deadline is NOT relaxing. Or if it’s not a project of MY choice. Or if it’s not going the way I expected – which can be a fun challenge as long as it’s not something with a deadline or that I didn’t want to do to begin with. Sounds like you need a familiar fun project during this “stressful” period, not something new.