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Seed-Stitch Scarf


Sometimes it is simply best to fall back on a basic scarf pattern.  Seed stitch (or moss stich) is not only simple, but produces a lovely pebbled texture and yields a flat scarf with no curling.  Such was my choice for this scarf.  It was great “on-the-go” knitting.  I could even work on it in the movie theater.  I love having a project that I can knit-by-feel.  Incidentally Puss In Boots was quite a funny movie.  The plot was a bit thin, but who doesn’t love two dueling Spanish accented cats? Kitty Softpaws you are adorable.

Ok, sorry.  I wandered a bit off topic there.  What I wanted to tell you about was my latest finished project.  Knit with some leftovers from my Sunset Poet’s Pullover, this was a stash buster that also served as a gift for Avi’s mother.  Yes.  I did knit the poor woman a scarf.  She was coming from a much warmer climate and I’m sure she wasn’t prepared for the cold.  So I made her a scarf.  I ran out of time though and his dad had to make do with a purchased scarf.  Oh well.  Maybe another time.


The Stats:
Pattern: Seed stitch (moss stitch) K1,P1, repeat to last stitch, K1 over 39 stitches (See? Easy.)
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool Multy, leftovers
Needle: US 6 Hiya Hiya Steel Interchangeables


2 thoughts on “Seed-Stitch Scarf

  1. She’s very lucky.

  2. I saw Puss n Boots too. Loved the kitty choreography! I like your scarf and hope your lunch went well!