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Cute Little Hat

I took a little easier route for Christmas this year. Most of my gifts are purchased this year. I know. I feel as though I have fallen down the rabbit hole a bit. I’m so used to frantically knitting gifts or sewing gifts or, well, just making my gifts. So, it was with some pleasure that I took on the task of knitting a hat for one of my gift recipients.

It’s my basic hat recipe. Determine gauge, pick a ribbing pattern (1×1 this time), decide how many to cast on for the appropriate head size, and knit until finished. It’s really too bad I don’t wear more hats. They turn out so nicely.


The Stats:
Yarn: Berroco Vintage, 217 yards, superwash wool, pumpkin color
Needle: US 6 Hiya Hiya Interchangeables until the final inch, then Clover bamboo DPNs
Pattern: My own, 1×1 ribbing, adapted from the Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns


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