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Sock Hunter Episode 76: Hollow Socks

With my bootstraps held high, I set off on my sock hunting once again.  Trekking through the mixed deciduous and evergreen forest, I delighted in the crisp air and slight rustle of fallen leaves underfoot.  My travels have taken me far and wide in the search for socks to shoot, but I was especially enjoying this hunt.

The socks that I was following were particularly sneaky.  Camouflaged well for their environment, the *Oak Hollow Socks are known to frequent mixed forests and congregate near oaks, one of their favorite nesting trees.  These socks are found most commonly near well-established oak trees where their nestlings may find sustenance from the fluff of acorns.

It was with great luck that my trek deep into the mixed deciduous trees finally yielded fruit.  After many days of wandering, waiting, watching, and wandering again, I finally spotted the telltale sign of socks.  With glee, I waited.  With patience, I sighed.  With a snap of the lens, I had captured my picture.


My friends, I give you the Oak Hollow Socks.  And, having shared my photograph, I must be away. This is your Sock Hunter, signing off.

*My own, 4 stitch cable, Valley Yarns Northfield, Forest Green, US 6 Clover Bamboo DPNs


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