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I Deserve Alcohol


Or chocolate. Or maybe a free shopping trip at the Loopy Ewe: All the yarn you can carry. I tried my hand at substitute teaching this fall. It hasn’t been too bad. Oh, there have been a few instances that were patience draining, but most of the kids have been just fine.

Today though, whoa buddy. I have never wanted to bring back corporal punishment in the school system so badly. If I had to tell those children to sit in their seats and BE QUIET one more time, I think I would have sent them all to the office.

I’m not sure how teachers put up with all of the shenanigans and trouble. I don’t remember my classmates being so rowdy, argumentative, belligerent, and frustrating. I even had one child who was playing on his cell phone during class, and it was a middle school. Why do these 11-12 year-olds have cell phones? I didn’t have one until I started driving.

When I came home, I immediately had a piece of dark chocolate with salted caramel in the middle. It wasn’t enough. I am really contemplating a margarita. Or 3. Have any of you ever substitute taught a class that was awful?


3 thoughts on “I Deserve Alcohol

  1. They always play up when subs are around, testing the waters and all that.
    I don’t understand the whole teens being allowed to have cell phones either. Ridiculous!

  2. Middle-Schoolers are generally horrible creatures. (having had three of them, I consider myself something of an expert).

    And the kids with phones. Well, my youngest has had one since he was nine (it was a very basic one – only had FOUR preprogrammed numbers – mom, dad, bro#1, bro#2 – and 911. It was primarily for telling me when sport practices ended early, or were cancelled. He got a more fully functional one in middle school, (still has no data plan). The best part about it is being able to keep track of my kids. But then again their schools always had strict “use it in the classroom and lose it” policies. They get busted for using it at school, and I will do NOTHING to help them get it back.

    On the other hand, I have a nephew (a HS junior) who has lost something like five or six cell phones over the past few years (and his parents just keep getting him replacements). My kids, know if they lose it, they lose it. The only phone I ever replaced was the one my middle son accidently dropped in a pool. (He was actually taking it out of his pocket so that it WOULDN’T get wet, when it fell into the pool.)

    I don’t know, I don’t approve of middle schoolers having i-phones, or crap like that, but having a phone……not so bad really. Besides, my youngest thinks I have the GPS activated in his phone, and I am doing nothing to disabuse him of that notion.

  3. No, you aren’t mistaken, dear Knitter Girl…the kids today are a bit wonkier- largely in part to a sad sense of prioritizing. I hope and pray society realizes its errors before another generation is lost on “What is proper behavior?”(How about startIng with NOT wearing pajamas to the grocery?)