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Sophia Shawl

The Sophia Shawl was originally an idea for a pattern. In the course of knitting it I came to the conclusion that, though pretty, it wasn’t meant to be a pattern in this iteration. I may come back to it at some point, slim the body, deepen the edging, and knit it in a more solid yarn. Then again, I may just let it rest.




I did alter the edging from a traditional Estonian edging that is knit separately and sewn on to one that is knit outward from the edge of the shawl. It will make a lovely gift for someone, even if it didn’t work up into quite the right result for a pattern.

The Stats:
Pattern: based on Estonian stitch patterns (love those nupps)
Yarn: Handspun yarn I purchased on ebay (way back when I was starting to knit)
Needle: US 3 Hiya Hiya Interchangeable


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