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Sock Hunter Episode 75: Stalking Tiger, Hidden Socks

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It was the slight drift of motion across the very edge of my sight that brought my attention to a potential sock capture. I was once again traveling in the far mountains and mist capped peaks of a strange land. The rich embroidery and expensive silks had captivated my attention on this trip. I had seen nary a slipped stitch or gusset, and socks were starting to wander from my mind. Strange for a sock hunter, no? To not think of socks.

Then this flash of color, this smudging of blue and orange against a green landscape, brought my attention back to my first love. I was greeted with the beauty of *Stalking Tiger Socks. Much like the Monarch butterfly, Stalking Tiger socks are poisonous to their main predators and enjoy a much longer life than many of their contemporaries.


It was with great glee that I snapped a photo of their orange and blue glory, stripes and spots proclaiming to any who would dare taste them “THESE SOCKS ARE TOXIC.” What lovely, lovely socks. With happiness, I am once again back to my usual pursuit of socks. Until next time, this is your Sock Hunter, signing off.

*Basic Stockinette Socks in Zitron Trekking XXL color 140, US 0 Hiya Hiya DPNS


One thought on “Sock Hunter Episode 75: Stalking Tiger, Hidden Socks

  1. “Tiger Enjoying Nice Dip in Pool,” I’d say.