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The State of the Knitter Bunny


Abbie is back to her usual insane self. With her being sick Sat. and Sun., I was feeling a little guilty in Target. So I bought her a flat skunk. I hid it amongst her million other toys on the floor, but somehow she managed to find it within minutes of her potty break. Crazy dog.

Still searching for an actual job. Desperate to leave my part-time retail gig. I keep putting out more and more applications, but it’s like dropping a penny into the Grand Canyon.

There should be at least one new episode of the Sock Hunter soon. I just can’t seem to find time to go take some pictures. Maybe this weekend. I’ll be participating in Global Fest again at the open and close of the event. If you happen to be in the area, stop by our Lacemakers booth and say hi!

2 thoughts on “The State of the Knitter Bunny

  1. It’s like the world is in a never-ending cycle of throwing shit, isn’t it?

  2. Is Avi heading toward Portland any time soon (and would you be joining him?) I’m sure there is still a viable job market in PDX, and they love doggies there, too! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.