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Things I Have Learned . . .


about a sick Abbie.

Yes, she does like cottage cheese. No she does not like plain rice. Yes, she does like boiled chicken. Yes, she will eat cottage cheese mixed in with the plain rice.

Pill? You’re asking about the pills? That is a whole different story. Trying to place them at the back of her throat? Doesn’t work so well. Wrapped in cheese? She eats the cheese and spits out the pill. Peanut butter, however, when slathered on the pill, results in a quick slurp and swallow.

Resting? We’re trying to do that, but it’s too much fun playing now that she feels better, so we’re taking frequent “naps” in the crate.

2 thoughts on “Things I Have Learned . . .

  1. I was just about to say “peanut butter!” when I got to that line. I discovered that trick earlier this year with Omar – magic!

  2. Having three dogs, and having one that was sick and had to take MANY pills, I got pretty good at dog drugging. (push it WAY back in their throat – hold their mouth shut, and BLOW on their nose. It forces them to swallow.

    You DO have to wash your hands thoroughly afterward…..ew.