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Abbie Is Sick


We took a trip to emergency care tonight because at some point yesterday she consumed something that did not agree with her. Lethargy, vomitting, diarrhea, refusal to consume food, a slight temperature, and $336 later. . . we don’t know what’s wrong with her.

All of the tests came back negative; bloodwork, x-rays, physical exam. No outward (or inward) signs or what’s wrong. So. It is antibiotics, antacids, and bland foods for a few days.

Well, if I can convince her to eat. sigh


3 thoughts on “Abbie Is Sick

  1. I will have healing thoughts for Abbie. Furbaby’s illnesses are the most frustrating.

  2. Boo! After losing Annie, the slightest thing with Omar freaks me right out. And with all of his mystery health issues, I know how scary it is to not know what’s wrong with them. Feel better Abbie!

  3. Fingers crossed she feels better soon or they figure out what’s wrong w/her.