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Fleece Bones

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Well.  Some time ago I bought some fleece remnants and set about making toys for Abbie.  I had entirely too much fun doing so and now find myself with a few ahem extras.  As I don’t need as many fleece bones as I made, I thought I might offer up a few on the blog.  Is there anyone who would like to purchase a fleece bone for their critter?

They are made of washable non-pill fleece.  The large ones are about 20 inches long.  The short ones are about 10-12 inches long.  Honestly, they are better after the first wash.  The braid tightens up and makes it more difficult to chew apart.


$5.50 for the large bones, including shipping in the US.   If you’d like a second (or third) fleece rope bone, the additional bones will be discounted to $4.50 each.  I have 16 large bones that would like a puppy to play with them.
1 Pink, Purple, Orange        1 Orange, Purple, Green
1 Orange, Blue, and Purple
2 Orange, Blue, and Green        2 Pink and Purple
3 Pink, Purple, and Blue     3 Pink, Blue, and Green      
3 Purple, Blue, and Green


$3.00 for the small bones, including shipping in the US.  If you would like a second or third small bone, the additional bones will be discounted to $2.50 each.  I have 3 short bones.
1 Orange and Pink
1 Pink and Purple 4 strand
1 Pink and Purple 3 strand

Leave a comment or send me an email if you would like to take a few off my hands. Thanks!!


One thought on “Fleece Bones

  1. My dogs LOVE fleece. Especially my “big boy” Otto. He thinks it’s tasty! Of course, the “end result” is a little exciting. You should see what Otto does to a Kong……