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County Fair 2011

After a lengthy discussion amongst my fellow lace makers, I decided it was high time that I entered the county fair. I even inspired my roomie to enter a few things. I never expect much out of county fairs. It is difficult to find judges, they aren’t paid well, and sometimes their qualifications leave a bit to be desired. Still and all, I thought I might as well pop a few things into the show.

You may recognize a few things on these shelves: the two shawls on the top (orange one now destroyed),


the green sweater on the shelf,

the black shawl in the corner,

the blue handspun shawl (now destroyed), and the orange baby blanket,

my baby sweater (reserve champion knitting), my hedgehog tatting, and Lauren’s snail.

One of the lacemakers in my guild won champion with her bobbin lace.

Dagmar’s champion lace: a bobbin lace corner.


I thought Regina’s tatting was rather cute.


Lauren also entered some food:

Peanut Butter Fudge

Lime Pound Cake

Apple Cinnamon Tea Ring (reserve champion yeast bread)

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