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I Hate My Dog

Yeah.  I do.  You know, I’ve been trying to love her, but she doesn’t want to be loved.  When I first brought her home she woke me every 2 hours to pee.  Every 2 hours for over a week.  Then we graduated to every 3 hours.  She howled all night.  She barked all the time.  She slowly seemed to get better.  Except for peeing on the floor and not seeming to connect “outside” with “this is where your pee goes.”  She pees on people when the come to see me. Dribbles all over the floor. She has to jump all over you. Even when she sees you every day, you must be jumped on. She took a towel off the oven rack and ate it.  She chewed my laptop cord.  She chewed the kitchen table and chairs.  She digs in the yard.  She stole hummus off the table last week.  And lime pound cake a few days ago.  She steals tissues and dryer sheets out of the trash can and laundry baskets. She whacks you with her toys and insists on crunching the plastic bottles on your legs. She tore open two dog beds; one within 24 hours of my purchasing it. She chases Stash and barks at Stash. All the time. She never seems to understand NO and LEAVE IT. What the fuck is wrong with this dog that she doesn’t understand NO?

Tonight though, tonight she earned her walking papers.

This shawl


and this shawl


are destroyed.  The damage is so devastating,  I can’t bring myself to take pictures.

I knew that I should put them away Friday night. Why I ever took such lovely pieces to the rinky dink county fair, I don’t know. I put them on the chair in my room. Intending to put them away as soon as I finished knitting the sweater that would never end. I was careful to keep my door shut so Abbie couldn’t get to them. Apparently, she got in my room and ate them anyway. It can’t have taken long, she was barely out of my sight tonight. They were scattered on my floor and the door was open after we came in from the rabbit barn. Hours of work. Destroyed. I’ve just had it. I’ve had it. I can not live with this dog any more.

I miss Beau. I miss my wonderful dog who only ever destroyed 2 things, 2 inconsequential things. Who followed me around and was so quiet. Who played nicely with Stash in the yard and protected my baby bunnies when I brought them in the house. And who NEVER barked unless it was something REALLY important. Who was so happy and never jumped on people or peed on the floor when a new person walked in the door. I hate Abbie.

And, you know. One of the reasons I bought her was because I wanted someone to come home to after Avi moved to fucking Phoenix for work. I have cried so many times because of this dog. And don’t try to tell me that obedience classes will help. We’ve been through obedience once. And time. I don’t give a shit about time. Time won’t bring back my handspun shawl or my silk shawl. Time won’t stop the fucking barking. And it isn’t like she doesn’t have all the chew toys I can’t afford. I have no money to buy chew toys, but I charge it anyway. I’ve bought her at least 5 beef knuckles in the last 5 weeks. Plus two other beef bones. She has so many toys and things to chew. I can’t take it. I can’t take. I hate this fucking dog who won’t learn.