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It Happened to Me

Though my days are mostly consumed with frantic State Fair knitting, I have some other things to tell you about.   Apparently air shocks need a leveler.  Said air shocks will also leak when the leveler breaks.  When said leveler breaks, it can ruin your tire as well.

When all of the above happens, you can’t drive anywhere, but must wait for the tow truck.  In 95 degree heat.  For two hours.  Even knitting wasn’t appealing at that stage.  Oh, and I had 900 pounds of rabbit feed in the van.  Heh.  Yeah.

Luckily my tow truck guy was nice; he managed to tow me into my dealer.  Some rabbit friends brought their truck and helped me take my feed home.  I gave them peanut butter fudge. The dealership was able to identify the problem(s), fix my car in the same day, and come in under the estimate.  So, in the end, all is well in the Knitter Bunny’s world.  If a bit sticky and hot.

Back to the knitting. 🙂