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Portland Day 3: Latimer Quilt and Textile Center


As the title to this post implies, we stopped by the tiny Latimer Quilt and Textile Center before we left Tillamook. It is a lovely little place, a former school, that is a living history museum. They still offer classes in all of the important things in life: knitting, weaving, spinning, tatting, lace making, quilting, etc.

Happily, we made our small donation to the museum (entry $3 per person, what a steal!) and wandered amongst the rooms.


The exhibits here are constantly changing. They have work done by members and traveling exhibits as well.




I found a bit of tatting,


amongst the looms. And, while it might not have been Avi’s favorite stop of the day, he certainly didn’t complain about it. 🙂


I even took a few photos from the traveling exhibit. The quilts are by an Australian designer/artist, Cynthia Corbin. As the gal at the entrance desk said, “these are the most densely quilted pieces I have ever seen. They must have taken forever to quilt.” I completely agree with her.




For those of you who are so inclined, there are more photos in my flickr account.

And that was most of my trip to Portland. Though I do have a few more photos to share from the flight. Yes, I did manage to take pictures through the window on my flight home.

3 thoughts on “Portland Day 3: Latimer Quilt and Textile Center

  1. I really like that one with all the different colored quilting threads!

  2. Aren’t those Flower Garden quilts beautiful? The Latimer Center is such a neat place!

  3. (fingers in ears) lalalalalalalala, I am not interested in quilting, I am NOT interested in quilting……I AM NOT………..oh crap, I feel a new fiber addiction calling me (AGAIN!).