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4 thoughts on “another rejection

  1. sending you lots of hugs (hugs!)

  2. Unfortunately, yes. Yes I do.

  3. Uhg. Yes. It sucks. I’m convinced the interviews that don’t seem to go well are the most promising.
    Hang in there!

  4. Don’t die yet – at least you made it to interview (which is more than I have managed in a whole year + of looking for work in Vancouver).

    Also, if you feel brave enough and it is something that is done in the US – telephone and see if they will give you any feedback on why you didn’t get the job so that you can prepare accordingly for your next interview and improve your performance. Many companies will do this for candidates in the UK and are impressed that they took the trouble to do so – it can stand them in good stead if another job comes up at the same company.