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And, in the spirit of finishing things, I also sewed the buttons on Ravinia. I love the marbleized purple buttons. They are plastic, but lovely, and remind me of real-pearl buttons.



While I knit this in a size 33″ with ease for Caitlynn, it appears that I can stretch it around my 38″ frame with some negative ease. 🙂 This means it should fit for quite a while. At least, I hope it will.


So, your modeled shots are supplied by me. Though you may notice a “helper” in some of the photos.


The Stats:
Pattern: Ravinia
Yarn: Briar Rose Fibers Sea Pearl
Needles: US 7 & 6 Hiya Hiya Needles
Mods: So many alterations. I increased every 6 rows in the yoke, repeated the lace pattern 11 times in the body, altered the button band to 91 stitches, only decreased by 6 stitches in the arm which I knit on smaller needles than called for, then changed the cuff lace to feather and fan. Whew! I think those were all of my changes.

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  1. Beautiful!!! You’re right about those buttons–perfect match! I think I’ve got something very similar in my pathetic button jar.