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A Tiny Bit More

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The second day we walked the Trail of Time from the Yavapai Geology Museum to the Verkamp’s Visitor Center.


The sun was much brighter and it was VERY windy on the second day.


The views were amazing even if the sun was too bright for truly good photos.



Then we took the bus back over to Mather Point and walked from Mather Point back to Yavapai. It was a fun day, but I forgot to put on some sunblock and I had a small patch of sun burn where my shirt neck was open.




One thought on “A Tiny Bit More

  1. I still need to get you some To Do’s for Portland! Got to Dante’s for music…..Especially if Kane is playing there!

    VooDoo Donuts and Powell’s Books are a MUST. Take it easy in Powell’s. Your first trip there can make you a bit lightheaded, it is so HUGE!!! There are three yarn shops within walking distance of Powell’s Books……Dublin Bay, and two more who’s names escape me. Microbreweries and coffee shope (other than Starbucks) abound in Portland as in Seattle, and there are lots of fun little restaurants in the downtown area. Oh! and find a Rose’s bakery if you want the best ruben sandwich on the planet!