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Sock Hunter Episode 70: Socks In Love

Looking for a bit of springtime beauty, I found my way to a more European clime. I was pleased to find that the Daffodils were in full bloom, the air was warming, scents of spring were beginning to fill the air. The coffee was superb and I enjoyed several cups a day while mucking about in my new locale.

The socks sightings were numerous. Warm weather, lint bits, and spring breezes are sure ways to attract socks. I found many wonderful examples of the local sock fauna. At one point I even stumbled upon a pair happily snogging. Of course, this was the pair that I had to show you. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing *socks in love?


They were snuggling under the daffodils, frolicking next the tulips, rolling by the hyacinths. Playing like young puppies, I caught them in a moment of stillness. Rather a fetching couple, don’t you think?

I enjoyed their sheer giddiness, but like all good things, our time must come to an end. I am off on yet another adventure, trying to decide on which country to visit next. Until next time, this is your Sock Hunter, signing off.

*Basic Stockinette socks, Zen String Loopy Legends in Theresa’s Italian Vineyard, US 0 Hiya Hiya DPNs