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So Innocently


It all started out so innocently.  Suzy Lacekeeper was just having a bottle of Smirnoff Ice to take the edge off of a particularly difficult lace row when a knock at her door caught her offguard.


It was her friends, Jayne EBTK Sockbag and Bunny Spindlebag. They were in town and ready to have a good time. Jayne was having a bad break-up with her latest DPN, and couldn’t wait to start pouring shots. Bunny, in her usual quiet way, grabbed a bottle of wine.


As all three settled in to a rousing night of drinking and fiber pursuits, Suzy suddenly had a great idea. They needed pictures, lots of pictures outside. She was starting to feel a little loose and happy.


Of course, Jayne’s first thought upon seeing the mint taking over the garden was “MOJITOS!!!”


The girls managed to stumble into the mint patch, and then proceeded to laugh until they cried. Pictures were a bit haphazard of the bunch though their drinks were placed carefully on the table.


At some point, they all managed to pose for one good photograph by the Queen Anne’s lace.


The pictures got a little wilder after that. The drinks kept flowing. The girls kept laughing. Jayne even forgot about her bad DPN. At some point Suzy wound up in a tree . . .


later, so did Bunny.


At the end of the night, ok, it was really the next morning, all three of them were sleeping soundly in the grass.


4 thoughts on “So Innocently

  1. Oh, dear. I hope the headaches the next morning were worth it.

  2. DUDE!!!!! I think that very same thing happened at a Detroit Area Knitters party once…okay, who am I kidding, this is what happens any time more than three of us get together!!!

    So glad the bags are keeping up with what their creator taught them! *sniff*

    (The dangling from trees pics are my favorites!!!)

  3. Hahaha! You’re a nut!

  4. And, today, they are HUNGover, right?