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Sock Hunter Episode 54: Hanging Around


As a sock hunter, I often find myself challenged by the socks I hunt.  Whether it be the simplicity of their hiding place, or the complexity of their patterns, socks captivate me in a way that no other wild knit ever has.  I find myself dreaming of socks, thinking of socks, watching socks, surrounded by socks.

It is with little surprise that I imagine socks in every bush and tree, hiding in every clump of gently swaying grass, and lingering near my favorite fountains and ponds.

Of course, when the socks are not imagined, but *hanging around the bushes “in the yarn,” I find myself elated.


Wending cables, a little lace, delightful color. I couldn’t wait to add this pair of socks to my collection.


These were my two favorite shots of the socks, though sadly the pattern is a bit obscured due to the lighting.  Until next time, this is your Sock Hunter, ever on the hunt, signing off.

*Hanging Vines Socks found here, ShibuiKnits Sock in Seaweed, US 1 Steel Hiya Hiya DPNs, minor modifications to the pattern for better fit


4 thoughts on “Sock Hunter Episode 54: Hanging Around

  1. Oooo! Green! My fave!

  2. Socks really are the best aren’t they? I always turn to them when I’m stressed out and need a distraction. Though I’d love to branch out. But socks! So many combinations, patterns, colors… they are simply the best!

  3. These took all your skill, I know — camouflaged and all. . .